Hello, my name is Bambang Utoyo. I come from and stay in Jakarta (east Jakarta), Indonesia.

I have some businesses that are WebSMS4U.com, a bulk SMS services to promote your business thru SMS broadcasting. You can find detail of this business by visiting the website: http://www.websms4u.com. TravelAgent4U.com (http://www.travelagent4u.com), domestic and International travelling services and Hajj-Umrah services too (http://www.biro-hajiumroh.com).

If you have any inquery regarding to my businesses, please do not hesitate to contact me thru email at info@websms4u.com, bambang.utoyo@gmail.com or my mobile phones +6281513028708, +62818106767 and +62-21-91398190.

Hopes we can cooperate on that business. Thank you, and God Bless Us.


One Response to About

  1. soegiharto says:

    pak Bambang,

    Alhamdulillah ketemu konco lawas rejeki iki, sekalian arep ngrepoti iki, tulung di aktifke websiteku mbiyen, senen dateng ke kantorku ya ? alamate ada di website Bumicomm,

    ancer2 dari arah pancoran ke manggarai, setelah balai sudirman ada gang posisi 10 meter sebelum jembatan casablanca. jl. palbatu, no. 7 kiri jalan, seberang kantorku ono warteg. suwun yooooooooooooooo?

    Hp ku : 08111103985, 08170718870, 94559731

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